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Posted by on Sep 28, 2012 in Internet |

Google obeys Brazilian courts, videos were removed from YouTube offensive

Google obeys Brazilian courts, videos were removed from YouTube offensive

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After the director of Google Brazil, Fabio Jose Silva Coelho, was arrested because the company failed to meet a court order to remove two videos from YouTube, these contents were removed from their portal. The videos had been found to be defamatory and injurious against a mayoral candidate in Mato Grosso do Sul

“We are deeply disappointed to have had to opportunity to openly discuss our arguments in the electoral justice system, that the videos were legitimate expressions of free speech and should remain available in Brazil,” Coelho said in a statement.

From acuedo to what Google said, was the author of the videos who’s retired and closed his account, which would have been “intimidation effect” caused by this situation, Coelho said.

According to a 1965 Brazilian law prohibited political campaign that “offends the dignity and decorum” of a candidate, prompting the court order to remove these videos. Coelho was arrested yesterday and questioned as to why the company had not complied with the court order. Not the first time this happens, this month ordered the arrest of another Google executive Luiz Edmundo Pinto Balthazar, another electoral in Paraiba. However, in that case the court recognized that “Google is not the mastermind behind the video, not uploaded the file and for that reason can not be punished for its spread.”

The recent case has been compared to what happened in Muslim countries with the video about Muhammad, which sparked strong protests and relevance laying on Google’s liability for the content that is posted on your network.

In the case of Brazil, Coelho said that although the videos were removed, “we will continue with our global campaign for freedom of expression, not only because it is a prerequisite for a free society, but that more information generally means more schools, more power, more economic opportunities and more freedom for the people. “

Link: Google obeys Brazilian court order, blocks YouTube political video (Reuters)

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