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Posted by on Jun 19, 2013 in Hardware News |

Google offers physical reception of hard drives for data up to the cloud

Google offers physical reception of hard drives for data up to the cloud

The transfer of large amounts of (we’re talking tens to hundreds of terabytes) can be very costly and time consuming on the public.

To facilitate data handling, launched a limited way, on a trial basis, the import service offline disk from Google Storage, which will allow users to upload to the cloud, many by sending data to Google , by mail, of its hard disk drives with the stored data.

To use the Import Service disks offline, you have to send your hard drive to an import center Google using the mail. For safety during transport, the data must be encrypted hard drives.

When the shipment arrives, Google loads data into a block allocated in the cloud. Because the data is loaded directly through Google network, this method may be faster and less expensive than data transfer via the Internet.

Importing offline disk has a flat rate of $ 80 hard drive, regardless of the capacity of the drive or the size of the data. Better then, use the higher capacity hard drives, at least 3 TB.

For now, the import of offline disks is available only to customers with a return address located in the United States.

Those interested should register. If you live outside the United States and are interested in this service, please contact your Google for showing you what you have to do. Probably, I propose to create a mailing address in the U.S.. There are several companies in each country you intend to rent a physical post office box in the United States.

Google recommends this service to companies that handle a considerable volume of data whose connection is not fast enough, otherwise, would not be profitable.

This service seems very interesting, but we are surprised that Google has chosen this moment to propose, in the scandal of Prism case where he is accused of sharing some of its users with the Security Agency of the U.S. Government.

In any case, in this business, when we store sensitive information, be it financial, industrial or other, it is essential to have confidence in the company that hosts them, no one else that we have access to our data.

Link: Enabling offline disk import for Google Cloud Storage (


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