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Posted by on May 15, 2012 in Companies, Social Networks |

Google plans to buy Meebo

Only until last year, Meebo, the company owns the courier service until last year had 250 million users , could in future be part of a much larger conglomerate. You and Google, to give an example.

The example is not free: it is rumored to have lying around the network, Google is offering $ 100 million to acquire the company and talks already be somewhat advanced. Of course, none of the parties involved now want to address the issue and replied simply reduced to the classic catchphrase “do not comment on rumors or speculation.”

Anyway, until the negotiations do not reach fruition, if at-not going to know anything specific. Now the question remaining is exactly what Google could do with Meebo? So far, Meebo has been devoted, according to themselves, to “help people build their own web experiences around the things that interest them”, and its products include the Meebo Bar and the messaging client is quite useful.

Or maybe Google has no specific plan and just want them off the road, although that seems less likely.

Link: Sources: Google Is Close to Buying Meebo (All Things D)

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