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Posted by on Aug 8, 2012 in Internet |

Google plans to make your e-mails appear in search results

Google plans to make your e-mails appear in search results

It sounds risky, but that’s surprising. is testing a way to integrate search with personal results, which had tried to advance through Google +, but now will try with for a limited time to see how it works and how people react.

When a user who is enrolled in the test program do a search – using your Google account – the results will appear in your Gmail mails with the term you are looking for. These results appear in a column to the right. Is also possible to search for things like “my flight” and appear as a result the routes that have been sent to your mail.

According to the company, this is a step toward “universal search” which Google hopes to accomplish. Those interested can register to test drive in .

Although this system may make things easier, if you have left the account open on a PC, the next you can use to check your from your browser.

Google said they are open to working with other email providers to use this functionality too, but anyway you need a Google Account to be registered in the system, companies would have to find a safe way to transfer data.

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