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Posted by on Jun 6, 2013 in Entertainment |

Google predicts the success of film premieres

Google predicts the success of film premieres

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has created some predictive tools for the entertainment world, such as to predict Oscar winners . Now, with its search data, the company says it can be hit with 90% to 92% accuracy how much money will a movie during its first two weeks in the cinema.

To estimate the figure, Google has sought to analyze how the trailer for the film during the month before the premiere, both on YouTube and through its regular search. The idea is that the more sought is the film, the more successful. According to Google, “if a movie has more than 250,000 like another film, the premiere with more queries has a chance to perform up to $ 4.3 million better during the opening weekend.”

According to the company, people consult an average of 13 sources of information before deciding which to watch. However, the 48% decide which film will see the day when buying the ticket, so Google suggests that marketing managers must continue to promote the film after the screening.

Link: Quantifying Movie Magic with Google Search (Google Think)

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