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Posted by on May 31, 2012 in Gadgets |

Google project manager Glass: The demo video is not futuristic

Google project manager Glass: The demo video is not futuristic

Steve Lee, product manager for Glass, the proposed developed by the Mountain View company. Lee spoke at length with Fast Company , where he gave some more details about the device, ensuring that the video showing the concept and showed that with the announcement of the glasses are not fiction.

“I definitely did not put the video with the intention that it was something futuristic that is many, many years away,” he said. According to Lee, “a number of things you see in the video have prototypes. Maps are an example: you can see a map of where you are and find a nearby restaurant. That certainly exists on the device, and hopefully we can deliver many more things in the video – possibly others too. “

Lee also noted that key is considered the experience of taking photographs that would be the most advanced feature is the device so far.

“It is too early. No doubt we will learn a lot in the coming months, which will affect product development, the priorities of the features, etc.. I can say that as a product manager, and as someone who is focused on the implementation, this project would not be if it were five years. We did not want to create a video for “Google in 2019″. Most of the things we have video of the prototype, and Google are our services that already exist. The big challenge is to make them work well in this new way, “he said.

Everything indicates that Google hopes to get the glasses on sale soon, perhaps in 2013 as already said Sergey Brin .

Lee said that there have been “hundreds of changes” to the original idea, and initially the device was huge and involved loading a backpack. “At first I just put a laptop in a backpack and that was the computer. Of course, with other prototypes try to put computing power on the device itself. We tried prototypes where wires from the device in your head to a control box, or your telephone. “

At least progress has been made since the prototypes that are using Google employees now. Lee explained that they wanted to present the project to use them freely and to test them in the real world.

Link: Inside Google’s Project X glass (Fast Company)

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