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Posted by on May 20, 2012 in Economy |

Google received approval from China to buy Motorola Mobility

Google received approval from China to buy Motorola Mobility

And three months after Europe and the United States approved the purchase of Motorola Mobility by Google, another involved clears and finally the transfer would be on the verge of fruition. In they have no objection to the transaction of $ 12,500 million becomes effective.

The matter has long since past nine months ago, announced plans to keep the part of Motorola that is dedicated to building mobile devices and set top boxes. But antitrust offices in various parts around the world had to come to investigate, especially when there are still disputes involving unlocked Google, Apple, Samsung, and anyone who has something to say in the competition for the mobile world. However, U.S. and European approvals were approved after not find potential conflicts monopolistic reasons.

To earn your finger up the Chinese government, Google had to agree to keep your system free and open operating for at least the next five years. Made the deal, now “the giant Internet search is close to sealing the biggest ever made,” the press release, and so great, that will own more than 17,000 patents and the possibility of make hardware like never before in its history.

For now, it is expected that in the early days of the week to close the deal, which will surely be done with great fanfare.

Link: Google gets China OK for Motorola deal (Associated Press)

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