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Posted by on Jun 18, 2012 in Internet |

Google refuses to execute the censorship ask governments

Google refuses to execute the censorship ask governments

The issue of Internet goes from bad to worse, and far from what we imagine, are not normally associated countries with censorship that now are putting measures against freedom of Internet …

If here I spoke of the first sentence of the Sinde Act which requires a site to remove within 72 hours and without the right to defense, now up to tell you how has rebelled against requests content that have made various world governments, including obviously authorities are also curiously Iberian.

In its official blog of Mountain View boys explain, in the latter half of 2011 received over 1,000 requests for officials from various countries to remove content in its search results, blogs hosted on Blogger, and even YouTube videos.

They note that, as I count around here during that period received 14 formal requests by the Spanish authorities to withdraw about 300 search results related articles blogs and online newspapers in which reference was made to controversial cases involving ordinary citizens and public figures like mayors, prosecutors and even judges.

However, as shown in the Transparency Report published by Google, have left only 37% of total content from have been asked to remove (both search engine results as materials of blogs hosted by Blogger and YouTube).

The reason? Only process applications from the courts of each country, so do not take into account the requests that are not accompanied by a warrant, as would happen in the Spanish case.

In my view finder a good policy because if the request is accompanied by a court order assumes that you meet the requirements that make it legal under the rules of the country … If not it could be a craving for some authority that could sound like censorship, do not you think?

In this regard, Dorothy Chou, public policy analyst of the browser, highlight the company’s official blog, referring to the increase in requests for removal of material by to the situation:

“It is alarming, not only because freedom of expression is at risk, but because some of these requests come from countries (Western democracies) of those who would suspect not to be associated with censorship.”

Particularly I think Chou unread Sinde Law does not know how they have begun to apply forcing websites to remove links without right to defend itself … That if not, do not miss much, at least that Spain is on the list of applicants.

Anyway, not that Spain is the only country that has called for the removal contents: From Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Pakistan, Poland, Turkey, Thailand, Britain and the United States, Google has also received requests as you can seen in the Transparency Report. Maybe I should serve as a consolation, right?

- More transparency Into Government requests (Google Blog)
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