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Posted by on Dec 29, 2012 in Internet |

Google removed 50 million links “pirates” of their results this year

(Cc) fuzzcat

During 2012, owners asked to remove to infringing 51,595,353, showing that requests to delete links have increased dramatically over time. The search engine currently processes half a million requests to remove a link up.

In the U.S., Internet companies are required to remove infringing content after receiving a request pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of who owns the copyright. To bring transparency to this process, Google began publishing all the requirements that came.

Between January and December 2012, the number of applications received week the company increased 15 times. The principal applicant is the RIAA, which represents music labels, entity requested 7,816,766 remove links to allegedly infringing this year.

FilesTube is appearing more often with requests to remove links with 2,273,280 links removed. Although it sounds like a lot of pages, is less than 1% of all that the service has indexed in Google. Meanwhile, 554,613 was requested delete links to The Pirate Bay.

Although the system allows copyright owners to request removal of links, often requests made by companies are wrong , affecting the free flow of legitimate information. Furthermore, the MPAA and other organizations use the bulky figures to highlight the amount of infringing content that exists on the Internet.

Link: Google removed 50 million “pirate” search results This Year (TorrentFreak)

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