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Google responds criticism for alleged paid results in their search

Google responds criticism for alleged paid results in your search

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In recent weeks, claims have appeared that would be acting badly on their search results. The site Search Engine Land reported that Google Shopping, it replaces the Product Search (Product Search) of the company, now accept payments for products to appear in the results.

The “paid inclusion” means that the in this type of search is not sorted by relevance, but which company paid for inclusion, which would go against the promise to “not be evil” Google. For now the model is an experiment on the product and flights, and does not extend to other searches.

However, in the Wall Street Journal published a column today the CEO of Nextag, a product comparison site that competes with Google Shopping, alleging that Google would be lying to users with general search results, accusing them of accepting payments . The Mountain View company said through its blog , noting that it is not so.

“Let me be clear: our natural and paid results have never been influenced by payments. Our algorithms sort the results based on the most relevant answers to users, “wrote Amit Singhal, Vice President of Engineering.

“Our notices and other business experiences are clearly labeled and are different from the results,” he said. Google Shopping does not mix with the traditional results and paid results will also be demarcated, the company said.

Link: Setting the record straight: competition in search (Google Blog)

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