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Posted by on Jul 3, 2012 in Internet |

Google responds to EU accept their demands to avoid millions in fines

Google responds to EU accept their demands to avoid millions in fines

A few weeks ago I we had that since the EU had called attention to for its practices, because from suspect they might be giving predatory given the of the Mountain View company in terms of Internet search terms.

We knew then that the European Commissioner for Competition, Joaquin Almunia, had sent a letter to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, which details the practices that could be considered “abuse of dominant position”, giving the company a period of weeks to running the corrections necessary to eliminate such practices, or otherwise would face fines of billions of euros.

Schmidt would have sent a letter to Vice President of the Commission responsible for Competition, Joaquin Almunia, where it is assumed that responds to requests from Brussels and exposes a series of proposals to meet the requests received, but for now it is unknown the exact content of communication, as expressed by the spokesman for Competition, Antoine Colombani, would be analyzed.

For its part, Google spokesman Al Verney, refused to give details about the content of communication, but it said that a proposal submitted to Brussels:

“We made a proposal to address the four areas that the described as potential problems. We work in cooperation with the Commission. “

Recall that at the request of the European Commission summarized four areas that Google may be abusing its dominant position: Give priority to their own ads and specialized services, copies of original material from the websites of its competitors, agreements ” facto exclusivity “signed between Google and its partner Web sites where Google includes search ads, and finally, that restricting the portability of advertising campaigns related to online searches, since its AdWords platform to other platforms competitors.

Do you following? Well have to wait to discuss the proposal in Brussels on Google to see if they agree to leave both sides happy, or if there is still that from Mountain View to follow any recommendations made by the European Union. In my view really is a breakthrough that Google answered the media as an effort to adapt to European standards and take your business in peace.

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