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Posted by on Aug 2, 2012 in Internet |

Google+ seeks to attract developers after stumbling on Facebook

Google seeks to attract developers + after stumbling on Facebook

The Social senior vice president of Google, Vic Gundotra, took advantage of a recent “setback” for to affirm that “I’m not interested in fuck developers” – as if I was doing the social network Mark Zuckerberg – seeking to attract Google+.

The case began last night when the developer Dalton Caldwell published an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg , accusing Facebook of being dark and having abusive practices.

“Your company, and Twitter, have shown proven willing to fuck to users and third-party development ecosystem, all in the name of the advertising revenue. Once you fall for this slippery slope from meddling with and users, I have no confidence that they will stop, “Caldwell wrote.

In Google+ , Gundotra noted the delay of the social network launched its API to developers, referring directly to the letter of Caldwell. “Launching an API and then change the rules of the game is not fun for anybody, especially developers who spend their energy on building the platform,” he said.

Google has received several criticisms from developers for not allowing that there is still third-party development on its platform. “I feel that we have not launched a broad and open API for those who want one. We are being careful because we want to be different, “Gundotra said.

Caldwell’s message also makes references to Twitter, which has begun to have some problems with the developers to take away powers . The microblogging network wants to limit how developers deploy their applications tweets, marking a change in the way it is allowed access to this information to others so far.

Gundotra took the opportunity to appear as the “best option” in the war of the platforms. “You know, we want to be respectful of developers building on our platform. It’s new. I know, “he said in his post with irony.

Dear Mark Zuckerberg (Dalton Caldwell)
Heat Shield (Vic Gundotra on Google+)

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