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Posted by on Aug 10, 2012 in Internet |

Google starts to penalize pirate sites in your search results

Google starts to penalize pirate sites in your search results

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constantly updates the way your browser works, and next week is one of these changes. In the results, sites that receive many alerts for infringement will be pushed down.

Google says it “will help users find legitimate sources and quality” content on the web, hiding from passing torrents and services to survivors. Clearly here is a nod to the content industry, alleging that Google facilitates piracy. The Mountain View company needs to make friends with Hollywood to integrate Google content Play.

The company has its own system for reporting violations of copyright, which already has a significant amount of data on the sites frequently accused, so that should not have problems to generate search results that way.

Google said that those who have been unjustly accused can send against-alerts for content re-admission to the results.

Still, the copyright system which uses Google has been criticized in the past because it favors large companies, they can abuse it to block content that simply do not like limiting freedom of expression. Google does not plan to become a judge on this issue, stating that “only copyright owners can tell if something is allowed, and only the courts can decide whether a copyright was infringed; Google can not determine whether a particular web violates or not copyright law. “

What Google does do and hope you keep doing is being transparent about the requests to remove content they arrive, which are published in a special place where we report the complaints received in the last 30 days. In this month reached 4.3 million, and most defendants are,, and

We’ll see how the results next week.

Link: An update on our search algorithms (Inside Google Search)

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