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Posted by on Jun 19, 2012 in Internet |

Google threatens to sue site that converts YouTube music to MP3

Google threatens to sue site that converts YouTube music to MP3

It’s no mystery that is a great place to find songs. The site takes advantage of this feature to convert so that people can download. Just enter the URL of the video with the music you want and in a couple of minutes will be converted into an MP3.

The site is pretty popular, with 1.3 million hits a day, according to DoubleClick. However, does not seem quite right this system, and sent letters threatening lawsuits to the site. Citing the Terms of Service YouTube API, the lawyer for the company ensures that any service that allows to download YouTube content is prohibited (only allows streaming).

Furthermore, “to separate, isolate or modify the audio or video of any YouTube audiovisual content made available through YouTube API” is prohibited, as are non-externally stored copies of the content from YouTube. If you continue to violate these restrictions, there will be “legal consequences,” the letter.

Additionally the site is blocked so it can not access the server with the material. “We estimate there are about 200 million people worldwide who use services like ours, and Google not only ignored, but are about to criminalize them,” said one of the administrators of the site TorrentFreak.

Of course, Google has reason to act this way because it must give a security to the people who upload content to have a way to control how it is shared and displayed. It is also true that studies up video clips are not happy with the idea of anyone downloading the songs without permission.

According to TorrentFreak, this is not the only place Google sent warnings, so you get MP3 of video could become more difficult in the coming days.

Link: Google threatens to sue YouTube MP3 conversion huge site (TorrentFreak)

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