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Posted by on May 17, 2012 in Internet, Social Networks |

Google to launch premium version of Google Enterprise +

The Mountain View giant plans to launch a closed version of Google Enterprise+, which wants the company’s employees interact with each other within their own social network.

According to the results delivered by consultants Millward Brown commissioned by Google, the most successful workers are those with an activity more active in social networks. Thus, through this study sought to learn how communication occurs within business and how employees believe that this could be improved.

A high percentage of senior executives (71%) reported believing that the use of social tools favor the business strategy and business productivity, unlike 49% of junior employees who responded believe the same. Whereas the most successful workers updated at least once a week their social networking accounts to which they belong.

This is what Google aims to improve through this tool, in which executives can communicate internally and immediately with the rest of their peers through video conferences, phone calls, direct messages, among others.

Finally, the study concluded that much of the interviews agreed that social tools could change your business strategy, such as increasing productivity, find information and qualified personnel more quickly when the team is in several parts of the world . Do you think it will work?

Link: How social technologies drive business success (Google Services)

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