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Posted by on Jun 28, 2012 in Software |

Google unveils Compute Engine, delivering infrastructure as a service

Google unveils Compute Engine, delivering infrastructure as a service

As in each of the major global conferences, published rumors. One of these had to do with power and offer web architecture as a service to developers in need of large computing capabilities, and that’s what was announced today by Compute Engine.

This service was released by Urs Holzle, who oversees Google’s infrastructure, and comes into direct competition with Amazon EC2, allowing developers and companies run applications on virtual machines using the same infrastructure that Google uses for their own applications and services web.

The system allows access to virtual machines to develop any kind of thing, just as Amazon EC2, which until now dominates the market. The service is in beta now and is only available for a limited number of users.

According to Holzle, the service will offer a “50% more computing power per dollar” than competitors. In the keynote was an application that was related to genetic calculations running over 770,000 cores.

Link: Google mimics Amazon Compute Cloud with Engine (Wired)

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