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Posted by on Jul 23, 2012 in Internet |

Google wants people to use your real name on YouTube

Google wants people to use your real name on YouTube

started to display a message on asking you to use Google your + for video service. The social network company pseudonyms are not allowed, so the idea is to use real names.

The message is displayed when you try to comment or upload a video, and shows how they see your name now, and how it will look once you integrate data taken from Google+. The box allows you to “not to use my real name”, which displays a series of new options for you to explain why the company did not want to.

The system allows to choose a different name if you are a company or group, if the channel is “known for other reasons” or corresponds to a “character or series,” for example, so that from this side no problem. It is also a good sign that Google is not making the changes automatically and there is a chance to say no.

However, the issue may cause some resentment among those who already had complications with the name system Google + . Also possibly annoy those who have for years been using a YouTube only because, and want to keep it rather than switch to another name.

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