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Posted by on Dec 26, 2012 in Internet, Software |

Google wants to keep the 90% of the primary users of Office

Google wants to keep the 90% of the primary users of Office

Google is aiming to conquer important part of the domain. The head of Google Enterprise unit, Amit Singh, said in an interview with AllThingsD that “our goal is to reach 90% of users who do not need the more advanced features of Office”.

According to Singh, the in the Google cloud managed “customer adoption on a large scale” this year, managing to break the trend of 2011, when the company could hardly compete in the enterprise market and sometimes had to withdraw bids for large enterprises , who finished choosing 365.

The company made several changes this year, launching Compute Engine to compete with Azure and Google Drive , allowing almost any document stored in the cloud. The company also began to charge for the use of Google Apps , eliminating the free option for companies.

Singh said he was confident of capturing users of the Microsoft suite. “The devices will proliferate and web services will be delivered at scale. So the question is, if you want to build around the desktop, or if you want to build around Web services and devices connected together. And frankly, they do not have the credibility to deliver web services to scale. It’s just not what they do “, said the executive.

“We know the differences between our features and theirs. We are improving them every week. Let’s get the 90%, “says Singh.

Link: Seven questions for Google Enterprise Amit Singh chief (AllThingsD)

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