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Posted by on Oct 3, 2012 in Companies, Internet |

Google warns of new cyber attacks launched by governments

Google warns of new cyber attacks launched by governments

Again the message “Warning: We believe that government-supported attackers may be trying to compromise your account or computer” is appearing for many users in your inbox, with new attacks detected by the company.

The company had already warned about the same in June , indicating that since they started alerting users then have detected thousands of cases of cyber attacks more.

Many people have commented on Twitter’s warning, especially journalists, members of NGOs and international relations experts. claimed to have seen an increase in activity launched by in the Middle East, but did not specify countries.

Google said that those who see the message may be protected by changing their passwords and Mail account, allowing two-step authentication and updating their equipment to avoid possible hacking vulnerabilities.

Link: Google warns of new state-sponsored cyberattack targets (NYTimes)

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