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Posted by on Sep 12, 2012 in Companies, Gadgets |

Google: We did not know you could patent the rounded edges

Google: We did not know you could patent the rounded edges

In a brief interview with Bloomberg TV , the vice president of corporate development at Google, David Lee, said that did not take the weight to be the task of patenting intellectual property.

“Not as aggressively as we should have patented it. I really did not think that the rounded tips were patentable, we thought we had this notion that to protect our intellectual property. And it was a wake-up call, “said Lee.

The reference to the rounded tips go directly to Apple. Google’s position has been in doubt since Apple beat Samsung’s trial in the United States , as it might appear a lawsuit directly against any of the Android or Google devices. Many of the charges against Samsung had to do with the way the interface is deployed on Android, so it is not unreasonable to consider that possibility.

The rounded tips are within the patent D593.087 covering “the ornamental design of an electronic device”. Refers to the tips combined with the start button and open a front in the device.

Google acquired Motorola a year ago , primarily to keep their patents.

Link: GOOGLE: We Did not Know You Could patent round corners (Business Insider)

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