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Posted by on Jun 1, 2013 in Hardware |

Google will not approve applications for Google Glass Face recognition using

Google will not approve applications for Google Glass Face recognition using

One of the current issues regarding Glass these days, is the fact that its use could end up being too invasive when filming or taking photographs, and indicating the name of the people in the picture without them knowing. In fact, even the Vint Cerf talked about not long ago , as the “father of the internet”, it is necessary that some social conventions they change or evolve hand in hand with technology.

And Google also seem to be aware of the situation, which has caused some concern among people. For this reason, the company officially that, while working on suitable protective methods are simply not allow applications that use in Google Glass:

“When we started the program for about a year ago, our goal was simple: we wanted to make people active participants in shaping the future of this technology before launch mass. We have been listening carefully, and many have expressed both interest and concern for face recognition possibilities Glass.

As with Google we have said for several years, will not add such features to our products before implementing strong protections. With that in mind, we will not approve any application to to include facial recognition “.

Google also claims to have learned a lot in a short time thanks to the feedback from people. Meanwhile, the project work will focus on “software update and evolve policies”, but these results will only be known in the coming months.

Still yet, it is likely that discussion about threats to Google Privacy Glass not end here.

Link: Project Glass on Google+

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