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Posted by on Dec 7, 2012 in Companies |

Google will top unit set-top boxes from Motorola

Google will top unit set-top boxes from Motorola

With the purchase of Motorola last year , not only kept many mobile patents and a company that makes smartphones, but managed to pass manufacturing set-top boxes, the boxes used by companies to deliver their content in homes.

While some speculated that the company could use this part of to boost Google TV, the Mountain View company is not interested in that, and will top this division in the coming days. Deals are expected to be between USD $1,500 million and $2,500 million, made by a variety of companies, including those obtaining Technicolor, Pace and Arris.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google could keep part of Motorola that has intellectual property in this area, and just sell the hardware distribution unit, which could make the business even more profitable.

The option of selling could be explained by the resistance of the cable operators to adopt an open platform like in its offer, which would have no control. Also worth considering that many of these boxes are being replaced by game consoles as home media center. The future of Google TV is fine fuzzy considering these factors, but who knows, perhaps they are planning something in secret to take it forward.

Link: Bids for Google’s Motorola Set-Top Box Business Due Soon (WSJ)

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