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Google yields to the comic with interactive doodle down

Google yields to the comic with interactive doodle down

Today marks 107 years since Winsor McCay , one of the most famous American cartoonists, will give the world “Little Nemo in Slumberland” (Little Nemo in Dreamland), considered a classic comic.

Little Nemo in Slumberland “was first published in the Sunday edition of the New York Herald on October 15, 1905, and told the story of a boy named Nemo, who dreamed of exciting adventures on every page of the series Sunday.

So as a special day for the world of comics, the guys from Mountain View have wanted to join the celebration with an animated doodle that resembles a comic inspired by the story of Nemo McCay, and we can accompany his dream through a magical world that unfolds in our screen by clicking on the strip that sits at the bottom of each strip cartoon.

I confess that I liked the way that have reminded of the work of McCay … did you did you think?

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