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Posted by on Aug 9, 2012 in Hardware News |

Graphics Integrated Intel next generation will be 300% faster

Integrated Graphics Intel next generation will be 300% faster

The fourth-generation architecture Core platform is just around the corner , looking as soon as possible replace the current and graphics, known internally as GT2, while the HD 2500 Graphics are for GT1.

We knew that coming Intel prepares to put the two CPUs Haswell, of which we had heard that yield up to 2.5 times more than GT2, however, new leaks now reveal that the rise in performance will be even better, showing at least three times more profitable than the previous generation.

For Intel, this would mean a revolution and a major paradigm shift in relation to its previous development policy, where the emphasis goes to the CPU and the graphics were in the background, giving priority in this regard to energy savings and also suffering from a microarchitecture for IGP still in diapers.

GT3 might be a more mature response from Intel, which can not hope to compete against NVIDIA and AMD overnight, especially since both companies are working to remove as much priority to the central processor and focus more on integrated graphics, NVIDIA by the side of the mobile AMD doing his thing with the APU for PC.

Link: Intel’s Haswell iGPU Will Show 300% Ivy Bridge Performance (Softpedia)

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