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Posted by on Dec 3, 2012 in Internet |

Hackers anti-infective worm free blogs on Tumblr

Hackers anti-infective worm free blogs on Tumblr

today was inundated by a flood of spam in the news received by users, displaying a message against Tumblr.

“Dear Tumblr users” inciaba the message, “we have taken the liberty of updating my blog (in poor taste, we must say) to our deluxe edition Gary Niger!” He continued, saying that Tumblr has allowed “decadent trash” Internet, and calling their users to drink bleach and die.

The GNAA (Gay Nigger Association of America) has trolleando to blogs and media since 2002, attacking (ingeniously) to several famous sites in recent years, including CNN, Wikipedia, Slashdot and also various personalities, including President of Barack Obama.

This time, the worm infected major accounts within Tumblr, which helped spread the message across the network, until the company was able to stop the problem. “Tumblr’s engineers solved this problem postings viral attacks that affected some thousands of blogs today,” the company said a few hours later .

According to a spokesman of the GNAA, this was only a part of its “anti-campaign blogs.”

“The position of the GNAA regarding blogging in general is negative: In short, blogging is lowering journalistic standards to the point where the number of Facebook friends a murderer becomes news. Tumblr is a blogging site whose employees have found that, over and over, put the safety of their users behind second income “, they say.

“Instead of hiring a competent and dedicated staff, hire part-time programmers who can not even defend himself against one of the most basic security issues, as XSS. I mean, not even limit (or the limit is ridiculously high) number of postings per minute that a user is allowed to do! Blogging services worldwide need to improve and hire people who know what they are doing “, they say.

According to Gawker said, had reported the vulnerability to Tumblr two weeks ago , without the company answered nothing.

Among the famous trolleos GNAA include inventing a parody site claiming that Jews were behind the attack on the Twin Towers, which was believed then CNN and reported as if it were real . Also convinced several media recently that there were people organizing to make looting in the areas affected by Hurricane Sandy, and in November launched a campaign against the fans of “My Little Pony” is in the same movie, dubbed “War on Bronies “.

Link: Tumblr hit by cyber worm from a group engaged in ‘anti-blogging’ campaign (The Guardian)

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