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Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in Internet |

Hackers are attributed encroachment domain, say Dotcom is a megalomaniac

Hackers are attributed encroachment domain, say Dotcom is a megalomaniac

Things get complicated in the case of , the domain would use the new service would to replace MegaUpload. However, Gabon, the country responsible. “Ga” rejected the German plans and Communications Minister Louembe Blaise said that the nation “can not serve as a platform or screen for acts violating seeking intellectual property or be used by unscrupulous people. “

Because of this, the authorities ordered a halt to the use of that domain. At this time, the domain does not run anywhere, but for a while was redirecting to a Twitter account corresponding to “Omega” , a group of who also use a domain based in Gabon (

“Kim Dotcom is just taking advantage of us, is a megalomaniac with lawyers here to take advantage of all the Nobodies, artists who want to get money,” said the grouping to TorrentFreak . “Kim Dotcom is no better or worse than Universal . He himself is an industry that is here only to pollute, “they added.

They said they would have obtained control of and would be willing to sell it to “Dotcom adversaries” ( Universal ) and donate the money to the Youth Forum of Gabon.

As mentioned, at this time not lead anywhere, so that the government can not act and confiscated the domain no matter what they planned hackers. The emergence of this group, however, reveals that not only generates Kim Dotcom antibodies in the U.S. government

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