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Posted by on Dec 11, 2012 in Internet |

Hackers leak passwords 1.6 million NASA, FBI, Interpol and other

Hackers leak passwords 1.6 million NASA, FBI, Interpol and other

“GhostShell” is the name of a group of who have filtered data of 1.6 million accounts for NASA, FBI, Interpol, the Pentagon, the Federal Reserve, the European Space Agency and many other organizations and companies. The attack was part of an operation called #ProjectWhiteFox, which aimed at the aerospace, nanotechnology, banking, law, education, government and military.

Apparently some of the attacks focused on SQL injection to access databases of IP addresses, revenue records to accounts, email addresses, phone numbers and other data. The leaked information was published on sites like GitHub, and Private Slexy Paste.

left a message on Pastebin claiming that the attacks seek to “promote global hacktivism and draw attention to freedom of expression online.” He also referred to a meeting that holds the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) , which is discussed more control of the UN on the Internet, suggesting that these attacks are some form of protest, but the organizations affected by the attack not have much to do.

“ITU is holding a meeting at this time that could decide the fate of how the Internet will be managed in the future. Basically the UN could give full control to the on how to handle anything, “he said.

Link: Hacker group touts password dump 1.6 million internet to protest A regulation (Forbes)

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