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Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Hardware, Science |

HackRF: Genuine Swiss Army Knife for hackers to $ 300

HackRF: Genuine Swiss Army Knife for hackers to $ 300

(CC) roy costello

Despite advances in technology in recent years, there is one aspect of it that has not made much progress in recent decades. While a computer is practically a universal machine capable of processing almost any type of information, the technology takes years standing serving only one type of function: 3G, Wi-Fi, FM, AM, GPS, and so on.

To remedy this, the co-founder of Great Scott Gadgets , Michael Ossmann , is developing a system for Software Defined Radio (Software Defined Radio, SDR) that would change the particular radio frequency instantly called HackRF . A genuine Swiss Army knife for hackers.

Generally, wireless devices, such as a cellular-run using a radio frequency band fixed HackRF however could potentially transmit and receive any radio frequency between 100 megahertz and 6 GHz, which cover a range of broadcasting, GSM, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and even remote controls for car alarms.

While there are already many similar devices , the HackRF is designed to fully optimize the versatility and cost, it would be the size of a USB flash drive at an estimated price of $ 300 (when it finally is released to the market).

And the best? “HackRF is designed to meet the needs of wireless security professionals, researchers and enthusiasts. It’s for hackers, in the broadest sense of the word, “said Ossmann, who says that because the project is open source (Open Source), will allow users to find applications that have not even planned .

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