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Posted by on Jun 29, 2012 in Internet, Venture |

Hackstory, the first book about hackers Hispanic Americans, seeking funding

Hackstory, the first book about hackers Hispanic Americans, seeking funding

The crowdfunding ‘s hot: More and more projects seeking funding through collective Internet, many of whom have seen around here , and as of now I will speak: Hackstory, the first book on the history of Hispanic hackers.

may sound familiar: is a ‘wiki’ which has long is compiling information on the Spanish American and explained according to its leaders, has come from voluntary contributions of members of the hacker community who have contributed texts , photos, documentation, review articles and encouragement …

Now they want to collect this information in a book on what they define as the “underground hacker Hispanic” and realize that estimate from the information they have stored in To make this book need to invest much time and work, which are raising funds in , where they explain why they need the money that aspire to join:

“This means a few months of intensive review and, if necessary, expand the items that have been introduced so far in the wiki. We also have to create new entries to fill some gaps, including new items we think (…) After completing this step, we would have the “corpus” to publish a book, the first book left the Hackstory, which would be paid in a desktop publishing second phase, by another campaign. In addition, for this first campaign and since adecentaremos wiki content, we would also wash her face in terms of design “

As you will see: In this phase of collective search for funding will not realize the book. For now want to review the articles, edit them to the book, and write new articles on topics on which hackers and has not spoken. Once this is achieved, will make a new application to create the book and even translating into several languages.

So far, as shown in, have collected 4,795 euros, thanks to contributions from 108 people, and aspire to reach 5,192 euros as a figure “optimal” to complete this phase of the project. On the same website is a description of the actions that need this money as well as the application of non-economic support with which we can work according to our capabilities and knowledge.

In the following video, Merce Molist, one of the promoters of the Hackstory, explains what they want to accomplish with this project and the phases of it:

Particularly I think is a good initiative to consolidate this material is part of history, and will serve for many people to be informed about what is really a hacker and stop associating the term automatically with cybercrime, do not think?

Project Hackstory in

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