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Posted by on Aug 29, 2012 in Gadgets, Hardware |

Haier IFA celebrates with ultra high 3D, transparent and eye-controlled TVs

IFA 2012: Haier introduces transparent and controlled TVs sight

is introducing a series of at IFA, including 3D TVs and remote transparent eyes, something futuristic but maybe one day we see around our houses.

Although the Chinese company had previously shown transparent TVs at the show this year, the company is deploying the largest team of its kind to date, with a size of 46 inches. When the is off, is completely transparent, like a window. Haier hopes to conquer the shops with such devices.

On the other hand, was presented the first computer 3D LED ultra-high definition (4K), in a 55-inch screen. Although as mentioned above, the 4K content is almost nonexistent, and less 3D.

Haier also introduced a 55-inch 3D TV that does not require special glasses to see three-dimensional experience. It has 28 different viewing angles, so several people can watch the 3D at 720p. If left 2D quality up to 1080p.

Perhaps most interesting is the control system with the eyes, which can change channels or change the volume with winks. We do not know how to distinguish between a blink accidental or a real one, but it would be interesting to try. To this is added a control system with gestures, through the integration of a camera on the front of the TV.

Link: Haier IFA celebrates with ultra high 3D, transparent and eye-controlled TVs (Engadget)

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