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Posted by on May 17, 2012 in Hardware News |

HandBrake and X264 soon-accelerated GPU (OpenCL)

Yesterday they finally reached the expected APU Trinity AMD and with them new applications support API OpenCL GPU-accelerated computing . AMD announces that applications are more OpenCL and among them we have HandBrake and X264.

HandBrake is a video transcoding application of open-source (GPL licensed) and multi-platform (Windows, Linux and MacOS X), which through the use of OpenCL trascodificaciones offer much faster. Anandtech has tested a preliminary version of the application, which shows performance improvements not only in the Llano APU and AMD Trinity, but even in the PGI and Intel CPUs, this is thanks to the Intel OpenCL ICD and AMD are able to use both the IGP as the AVX instructions of the microprocessor.

By Anandtech benchmark.

In the evidence shows that Trinity through OpenCL acceleration a yield 2.15X (2.11X in Llano) compared to their performance per CPU, while Ivy Bridge-MB obtained an increase of 29% thanks to its HD 4000 IGP. Even more surprising is that Sandy Bridge-MB offers superior performance to 33.5% even though its HD 3000 IGP does not support OpenCL GPU-accelerated, it could be an indication that the OpenCL ICD Intel still has much to mature, and their performance will improve in future versions.

Furthermore X264, one of the most popular video codecs, which is widely used in Blu-ray, video streaming on the web, cloud gaming, among others, will also receive GPU acceleration thanks to the inclusion of code developed by AMD, which uses OpenCL to improve performance of content X264. AMD claims that eventually release the code to open-source community.

Link: x264 GPU-und erhalten Beschleunigung HandBrake [Update] (Planet 3DNow!)

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