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Happy 30 years emoticons! :-)

Happy 30 years emoticons!  :-)

(Cc) flickr Veronica Belmont

The September 19, 1982, Professor Scott wrote the sequence into an electronic board with which teachers and students from Carnegie Mellon U.S. used to communicate various discussions.

The reason why he did it was the need to assess their intention this content, so you can replace with some fidelity bodily expressions or tone of voice that usually utiizar to mark and a conversation the truth or importance of what we say .

To solve the problem of misunderstanding, Fahlman thought that this type of body language messages were simulating a simple to understand and be supported without problems by the code that dominated both boards and electronic panels that time.

Soon, these smileys began to enjoy great prestige because of the ease of use and effectiveness in its message, in simpler words, who does not understand a smiley face, a sad or angry?

Although in subsequent years joined millions of services, including chat and email, both plain text and graphical mode, expressions still maintain the same conventions of the year of its invention, written in the same sense as normal text and leaning to the left.

That is why we honor Fahlman wit to solve a complex problem with a simple but effective solution and that after 30 years of living continues to evolve and as valid as in the beginning.

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