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Posted by on May 25, 2012 in Entertainment |

Happy day of #OrgulloFriki!

Happy day of # OrgulloFriki!

It is May 25 and although there is no Doodle remind us what we celebrate today, the calendar marks a very important date: Pride Day!

This is a to assert our right to be different: As we know, comes from the English geek “freak” which refers to a person with hobbies, behavior, or unusual and striking costumes.

And is that based on that description, it is worth remembering that the “Geek Pride Day” was born in in 2006, when the anniversary of the premiere of “Star Wars”, the Spanish blogger Germain Martinez (known on the Net as “Mr. Buebo”) issued an invitation through the Network to celebrate the anniversary of the work of George Lucas.

Thus, through his blog proposing to set May 25 as the date to “vindicate the right to be geek,” arguing that:

“Because there is father’s day, mother, work, working women, gay pride … start a nationwide campaign for the geeks (who are legion) are taken seriously and we define as “big kids” (…) Because we have the right to queue for hours watching a movie. Because we can go to the toy store, to buy in the English Court and can buy any figure or McFarlein Star Wars Toys, so we would not look weird to go on the subway reading a Spiderman comic … “

Given the success of the call, the party continued to perform and even “exported” and since 2008 is the ” Geek Pride Day “in various cities worldwide.

In addition, date coincides with the ” Towel Day “held in honor of Douglas Adams on 25 May each year from 2001, just two weeks after his death. That day, fans carry a towel all day in memory of ” The Hitchhiker’s Guide “.

Come a day to celebrate for whatever reason! In the case of Spain, there is a complete schedule of activities to keep out the Day under the table … Do you know of any special take place in your city? If so, please share it with us in the comments, once and tell us: How will you celebrate this day?

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