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Posted by on Sep 7, 2012 in Hardware News |

Haswell IGP GT3 work less 800MHz

Haswell IGP GT3 800MHz work unless

For several months we know that future microprocessors based on the microarchitecture will have a powerful called GT3 , but inexplicably this IGP will be present only in some microprocessors for laptops (Haswell and Haswell-MB-ULT).

The IGP Intel HD Graphics Intel 4th generation seek codenamed Denlow and will be available in three variants:

  • GT1: 10 EUs (40 ALUs).
  • GT2: 20 EUs (80 ALUs).
  • GT3: 40 EUs (160 ALUs).

Where every EU is a computational unit consists of four ALUs, which looks very similar to the SIMD Engines architecture-based AMD VLIW4 (Radeon HD 6900 Series GPUs and IGPs Radeon HD 7000 Series).

From SemiAccurate inform us that the reason that Intel reservation only for microprocessors for laptops, has to do with saving energy, allowing these chips having a up to 45% less than the current Core microprocessors Laptop third generation. But how can a IGP with a much larger number of shader processors capable of consuming less than a half IGP with shaders?

The answer to this we need to increase the operating frequency increases exponentially the of chips, one example of this is in the AMD Radeon HD 6350 GPUs (80 shaders at 650MHz, 19.1W) and Radeon HD 6450 (160 shaders to 625MHz, 18W), where thanks to have a lower operating frequency, consumption is the lower despite having double the shader processors, which gives a much higher yield.

GT3 will have a relatively low operating frequency (maybe less than 700MHz), which in Turbo mode will not exceed 800MHz, with this offering is expected to yield approximately 33% higher than GT2, which operate at frequencies up to 1.2GHz Turbo mode.

Some variants of Haswell will optionally memory known as L4 Crystalwell , which will be used as the basis of the IGP memory, thereby increasing the performance of the IGP, perhaps by sacrificing consumption slightly. Cristalwell assume that will be used in high-end chips for laptop (Core i7 and Core i7 Extreme Edition) where performance is a factor premium on consumption.

Link: Haswell GT3 uses shaders to save power (SemiAccurate)

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