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Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in Entertainment |

HBO GO is now available in Latin America

HBO GO is now available in Latin America

The channel launched its service in Latin America to see its contents through Internet, HBO GO. The service is free but is only available to American customers of satellite TV or cable, having hired the HBO channel pack.

To use it, customers must enter the page and enter the name and password with which you connect to online services your cable provider, as they are the HBO that tell whether a particular customer has or hired not pack their channels.

The programming schedule is separated into categories such as movies, series, children’s special (like concerts or routines of stand-up comedy), documentaries and adult material. offers for unlimited play any content within a window of time while this material rotate by its television channels. The exception, thankfully, are the exclusive series like Game of Thrones or Band of Brothers, which will always be available.

The good thing is that because the service is a complement to the TV channel, you can access content that transmits HBO Latin America as Mad Men, which is not available to U.S. customers because the series is the AMC channel and they are the ones broadcast in the United States.

For the TV series will be a gap between 24 and 48 hours at the premiere of a new episode for the cable channel until it is available online at HBO GO. For movies there will be a predetermined time for film study depend.

For now, the service is only available for use from computers with a browser that supports Flash, but indicated that they are working on a version for iOS to play the content from iPhone and iPad, which will be added in the future as other platforms the X-Box 360.

Customers can connect from up to two different machines, where you can only play content in a while, not excluded that in the future, when they launch versions for other platforms as appointed or smart TVs, this limit of two machines be extended to three or more.

The service is now available in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia and Uruguay, to which other countries will be added later. While the player adapts to Internet speed by raising or lowering the resolution of the video, to occupy a suitable, warns that HBO need a minimum bandwidth of 500 Kbps

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