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Posted by on Aug 31, 2012 in Internet |

HBO launches streaming-only service in Europe

HBO launches streaming-only service in Europe

So far, allowed its customers who had hired the channel through cable access programming through other means such as online streaming on mobile devices or PCs The company today took a step toward independence of the cable, providing a streaming only service that does not require customers to have hired the channel (as in U.S.). The service will debut exclusively in the northern European countries.

The service, called HBO Nordic AB, will allow customers in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark received via streaming subtitled versions of the same content that is available in the U.S., including series like Game of Thrones, and movies that are transmitted by channel. The content can be viewed via streaming and cost 10 euros per month.

The service will remain free for those with a normal subscription. HBO’s announcements come shortly after Netflix announced an expansion to this area soon. Will cable channels definitely join internet? HBO may be experiencing in this area, to expand this idea further.

Link: HBO cuts the cord, Brings streaming-only service to Europe (ArsTechnica)

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