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Posted by on Aug 14, 2012 in Hardware News |

HDD industry will try to create products with 5mm thick

HDD industry will try to create products with 5mm thick

When ultrabooks appeared on the market, available for fast and expensive (SSD) to handle the mass storage, which triggered the price of equipment up to $ 1000 in most cases. So the first generation did not sell well, and the second was chosen hybrid with a small portion of SSD.

And is that PCs are so thin that it is not a record for conventional 2.5-inch notebooks, and therefore, SSDs are the preference. But you have to lower the price of laptops or yes, hard drive manufacturers have chosen to invest in the of technologies to manufacture products with a thickness of 5mm, suitable to provide meals in a small space, replacing of the SSD.

There remains the question about whether they will have such a low price as its like 2.5 inches, however, the industry is just a stage, lacking enough to realize the arrival of the devices. However, there is enough trouble and research priority would be the maximum, because they must be sold fast ultrabooks.

Link: HDD Makers Ultrabook Determined to Capture Market with 5mm Drives (Softpedia)

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