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Posted by on Nov 9, 2012 in Hardware News |

High-end PCs represent only 6.2% of the PC market

High-end PCs represent only 6.2% of the PC market

On Q3 2012 (July to September) was not of the best periods for most of the hardware industry, being the most affected segment of x86 microprocessors , which fell by 9%, considered the worst period since the 2001.

Complementing the above information, analysts at IHS iSuppli (no connection with any Apple IProduct) brings us an analysis of the market, where it is revealed what many believed: The market for high-end PC is only 6.2%, a figure that pales to the 46.9% of the PC mid to economic (as shown in the chart at the beginning of this article).

For the PC market and high-end laptops are considered to PC microprocessors based on Intel core i7, Core i5, amd fx and A10; midrange microprocessors are made by Intel Core i3, AMD A8, A6, Athlon and Phenom, and low range (economic) formed by microprocessors Intel and and AMD A4 and E2 (and perhaps the Athlon X2).

In the market for laptops (notebooks, ultrabooks, ultrathins, netbooks and the like) the figures are somewhat better for high-end equipment (9.2%), but shows that the market for low-end is slightly larger ( 46.8%) than midrange laptops (44%).

I do not agree on some aspects of the classification of the beaches by those iSupply, for example consider the AMD A10 APU into the category of high-end, when the price level is very similar to the Core i3 cataloged in the midrange, perhaps making this correction involving desktops and high-end laptops would be even lower than shown.

Leaving aside the classification of the beaches, these figures are a reflection of the current low-end PC provide a good performance for most users (almost 50%) while nearly half are satisfied with remaining teams performance level Core i3 microprocessors and APUs AMD A10 and A8. Since very few (percentage) users who require high-end equipment.

Link: High-End Personal Computers Account for Less Than 10% of PC Market – Report (Xbit Labs)

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