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Posted by on Sep 14, 2012 in Science |

Hole in the ozone layer smaller than in 2011

Hole in the ozone layer smaller than in 2011

Perhaps not everyone remember when the eighties and nineties everyone was talking about the layer and the hole that had been made over Antarctica. Back then it was a very worrying issue is that it is the ozone shield the earth from ultraviolet rays that can cause skin cancer, when it was discovered that the hole was growing in size by one point was reached despite one day we would no ozone layer.

Fortunately it went well (thanks to the efforts of environmentalists), and scientists have discovered that the hole is becoming smaller now that they have stopped throwing air less harmful components, not no longer throw, only now there are fewer.

Currently the space of this hole is 19 million square kilometers and things continue as they are, it is likely that over the years it will reduce this area, of course, we’re talking decades.

Yes that is good news, now we only need to see how we resolve global warming.

Link: Antarctic ozone hole smaller than in 2011 (Reuters)

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