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Posted by on Jun 13, 2012 in Internet |

Hot Searches: The “trending topic” on Google

has just launched the renewed “Hot Searches” in Google Trends , a tool that will let the user know what people are looking for and what people instantly interested.

With this tool you can meet and even arrive at an analysis of the behavior of users, we can also see which were the most searched terms on previous days and view the links to the sites better position for each search performed.

Although this tool is very similar to the on Twitter, the difference is that Google is much more massive. On the other hand this is search, not comments, which can lead to different results. We can see a list of terms or a more global view to find out what’s most relevant time.

is available only for the United States, so now we have to settle knowing what is being more sought in that country. However, there is hope that is a future – maybe not too far – this new function is feasible for the rest of the world.

Some time ago Google had a section on searching with more success, which now show a much more attractive, clear and accessible.

Hot Searches
Find out what people are searching for Hot Searches With The updated list (Google Blog)

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