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Posted by on May 25, 2012 in Companies |

How Apple changed since the death of Steve Jobs?

How Apple changed since the death of Steve Jobs?

After the death of Steve Jobs less than a year ago Tim came to replace him as of Apple, generating uncertainty about their performance under the shadow of the successful legacy left by his predecessor.

How have you done so far? First, let’s see it in economic terms the value of a company’s stock (AAPL) rose by 42% in the last nine months as CEO Cook assumed, so that in this respect things are more than good, in fact strangely well.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, is the shift that has been in the business, which is reflected in simple details that in the eyes of employees and investors are quite relevant. Because according to U.S. media report, is no longer a simple “motor engineering” to create products and was run as a corporate entity and more conservative, ie, a more complete and comprehensive enterprise.

Because in the past Apple known for being very efficient but somewhat ruthless with their workers. And we’re not just talking about Foxconn , but also people in Cupertino. Example of what are the long working days and cold and demanding requirements of various departments to others, which now have changed to better combine the ideas and allow friendly flow between different areas.

In addition, there are certain little things that differentiate Steve and of people appreciate, as the habit of eating alone Jobs by certain people with specific, while Cook is often common to the cafeteria to share with everyone.

This would have created a climate of greater relaxation at Apple, with people more relaxed and less pressure than a year ago, enjoying a philosophy imposed by the new CEO that if it sounds positive, not yet known whether the will credit in his final performance if we look at a clearly cold and trade in terms of efficiency.

Link: Tim Cook’s Report details changes file at Apple, for better or worse (Ars Technica)

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