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Posted by on Jun 8, 2013 in Internet |

How it works “Boundless Informant”, the monitoring system of the NSA data

Definitely, somebody must be going bad in some office of with all the leaks on systems for the National Security Agency (NSA) to review data organized intelligence activity worldwide.

The system, called “Boundless Informant” – “Informant without limits” in Spanish – function would give coherence and order to this monitor from a perspective oriented metadata, helps to know how much is captured by country from source that are amenable to this monitoring.

Think of it as an analytical tool that can take this data and split on certain patterns that are assigned by the user without access to the fine details, but permit to have a very clear picture of what is being investigated in that particular country.

The British newspaper The Guardian shared these screenshots showing the interface would anyone who has access to this tool that displays a flat map of the world with countries painted with colors denoting the amount of information captured. It goes from the green, the little country that speaks monitored, then changes to yellow, orange and red. That is progressively showing data collected in different territories, which – of course – denotes the level of intervention in each country.

Various government agencies have secured in recent years – and even recently – that the United States and its citizens were victims of this collection of information, but the images shared by the British newspaper show otherwise. In fact, make it clear that there are data from 3,000 million in 30 days in the country. Sure, that’s a lot, but still less than what the caught within Iran, Pakistan, Jordan, Egypt and India, where in the same period drew 97,000 million pieces of data.

The map shows the countries for which information is acquired in Latin America are Mexico, Brazil and – further back – Venezuela.

There is no doubt that both as “Boundless Informant” are key to this research in the name of freedom and security by the NSA … The question that arises after all this is clear: How much more remains to be revealed , and what effect will those leaks in our communication networks as we know it?

Link: Boundless Informant: the NSA’s secret surveillance tool to track overall data (The Guardian)

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