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Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in Hardware |

How long will the battery Microsoft Surface Pro?

How long will the battery Microsoft Surface Pro?

The Pro is the version of the tablet inside that has Intel x86 processor, as we used a lifetime, so it has no problem running the operating system Windows 8 in its ordinary, bringing get all the support programs we love about this platform.

But the use of this hardware in a tablet has a cost: more and a greater thickness and weight to the device, as the Intel x86 are not designed for use in this class of laptops, but desktop PCs and notebooks. To provide better energy independence ARM processors were created, which give life to Surface RT, but are not classic Windows programs.

Thus, with the audacity to Microsoft for doing the same tablet with Intel x86, we have kicking around the question: how long will your battery? If we are not facing the Surface RT, that is designed to consume less, then the spends more, and as confirmed by the company itself through one of its official Twitter accounts actually spends twice more.

In other words, Surface Pro lasts half the Surface of RT, which provides about ten hours using it in moderation, so a simple calculation tells us that the energy of Surface Pro is, at first sight, five hours.

Link: Microsoft says the Surface Pro will have ‘approximately half the battery life’ of the Surface RT (The Verge)

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