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Posted by on Sep 4, 2012 in Internet |

How much do musicians through paid streaming services?

How much do musicians through paid streaming services?

The new services or streaming streaming through the network have changed the way in which the client accesses his favorite subjects, through the concept of “renting” permission to play from the cloud rather than buying directly & download the unit’s internal memory, depending on the Internet every time you want to raise the issue and paying a low price for that, because the files are never really yours.

For some, this brings great benefits: absolute availability across multiple devices (running Internet) and the aforementioned reduced cost, which has made this industry grow. This on the side of consumers, but what about the who produce the music sold?

They are paid a small amount of for every time someone plays your song, an amount that in the case of popular services like and Match, is quite small. Because according have begun to report various artists, the sum is really tiny: USD $ 0.00330526797710 iTunes pay per play that a customer pays, while Spotify figures rose slightly to USD $0.00966947678815.

The numbers vary slightly by each artist, but move in the same range of $0.003 in iTunes and $0.009 in Spotify, which is striking given that the musicians must pay “rights distribution service” to spread their music on iTunes , making them worth $ 50 each year. This means they need someone to buy reproductions of songs 15,127 to collect $50 just to be based on iTunes.

We already knew that the piece of money that came to each for a record sold in the past was not enough, something that does not seem to have changed for them with the new technologies and the replacement of vinyl and CDs for Internet-based platforms.

Link: How much does an artist make from a single stream of a song on iTunes Match and Spotify? (The Next Web)

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