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Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in Economy |

How much is the electric bill for internet?

How much is the electric bill for internet?

The power supply problems being experienced in some countries, like Argentina for which I can attest first hand, sometimes due to lack of infrastructure and other subsidies that make the prices are so ridiculous that one is unconcerned by take care , sometimes causing the loss of value of what we eat every day.

is one of the few permanent consumption that exist in any home in the world, perhaps more than television, and seamless connectivity to not disappear, all the infrastructure that powers our connections need to operate. So, the question posed by this infographic becomes an interesting curiosity How much is the electricity bill online?

Around the world there datacenter, servers, cooling systems, silos of data, according to this report, consume about 30 billion watts per year, about 1.5% of global electricity. In the U.S. alone, Internet uses more electricity than the entire auto industry

In 2011, the total electricity bill consumed by internet amounted to U.S. $ 8.500 billion, the equivalent of Google’s total profit in the same period.

Despite the exponential growth of internet, now totaling access via mobile devices, generate the number to increase without delay, to be honest, I thought it would be much consumption of network maintenance.

In 2015 it is estimated that the European datacenters consume 100TWh (terawatts / hour), enough to feed 8 million households.

Equally, though 1.5% is a small number is a lot of electricity, the equivalent of 30 nuclear power plants. This raises, in view of the future growth of the network, whether they are effectively managing data centers and if at any time this consumption could harm other users of this resource. The full infographic here .

Link: How much is the internet electric bill? (Mashable)

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