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Posted by on Sep 20, 2012 in Hardware |

HP also rejects the “post PC” from Apple

More than two years that Apple is introducing the term “post PC” to refer to the role that mobile devices take on the current information age, those who would come to replace the desktop computers and laptops as and smartphones, market in which the bitten apple has been quite successful lately with its iPad and iPhone.

However, this idea has many detractors, and it is no wonder that companies associated with the category of traditional PCs reject the term “post PC”. Such is the case of Microsoft, who crossed some time ago Apple of ” being wrong “voice that recently joined HP.

Todd Bradley, executive vice president of the company, said it was “wrong” to think that the time has passed for PCs, and that when children go to school, they need a PC, both in business and in business terms, where you need the highest possible productivity and this kind of equipment are simply irreplaceable.

And is that the size of the computer market in general is big enough to live together various kinds of formats, so that while there is a space for tablets, this does not mean that they will completely take the field and replace the rest.

Link: We are not living in a Post PC world (Fudzilla)

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