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Posted by on Nov 6, 2012 in Hardware News |

HP becomes a Platinum member of the Linux Foundation

HP becomes a Platinum member of the Linux Foundation

The Foundation is the organization responsible for promoting the growth of Linux, and at a recent event in Barcelona, LinuxCon Europe, today announced that just level up within the organizational chart and now becomes a Platinum member.

This means that within the foundation, HP now looks as equals to other companies such as Samsung, Intel and Qualcomm. It also means that HP is assured a seat on the board of directors and to be directly involved in all the activities of the foundation.

And as expected, since both sides have only words of good parenting. The highlights the years of history behind HP and believe that it can better understand how Linux can help your own business. Moreover, at HP believe that Linux is an “important strategic resource” for all the major companies in the technology field.

According to some rumors, the amount paid by HP to increase the level of participation in the Linux Foundation totaled $ 500,000.


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