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Posted by on Jun 21, 2012 in Hardware News |

HP betrays Calxeda ARM chips for servers and Intel is on Centerton

HP betrays Calxeda ARM chips for servers and Intel is on Centerton

A few months ago, we talked about HP’s decision to launch based on architecture chips, specifically of Calxeda, under a project called moonshot would generate a series of energy efficient products. But apparently it all went downhill, and well below-with the recent announcement of detailing the new plans for the project Moonshot: the use of processor atom Centerton . goodbye.

The reasons given are classic: the best technology and support for little more than that, however, analysts suggest that HP simply threatened to use Intel soc Calxeda to press for better prices.

With this, now called Gemini servers debut with Atom chips instead of ARM x86 server, with presenting a TDP Centerton near the 6W and operating at high frequencies close to 2GHz. Furthermore, we recently reviewed the chip Calxeda EnergyCore ECX-1000 has a TDP of 5W, yielding threatening to 3GHz Intel Xeon CPUs with TDP of 80W, but yet to see the performance of the Atom in Centerton to wield a final verdict.

Link: HP Drops Calxeda and Centerton Announces Micro-Based Servers (Softpedia)

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