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Posted by on Oct 2, 2012 in Hardware News |

HP delays ReRAM memory production until late 2013

HP delays ReRAM memory production until late 2013

and are two companies that for a while are developing technology for memory or resistive RAM should outperform current flash memory for speed and performance. And the commercial production of this report was scheduled to start mid next year, but now HP announces that everything is delayed until at least late 2013.

And the reasons for this delay have much to do with the analysis and not with the technology itself. Stan Williams of HP explains the situation, arguing that “there might be something technologically feasible” for next year, although in this case, the technology is easy and part of knowing when to introduce new products is difficult.

Basically, Williams says the current memory factories are ready to start producing ReRAM memory tomorrow if they wanted to, but the problem lies elsewhere. Currently, Hynix based marketing your business on the memory, and the introduction of a new product “cannibalize its own market”, says the director of HP:

“We spend a lot more money trying to understand the market before any other type of research. Development costs are at least 10 times the cost of research, and then marketing costs are 10 times the size of the development. At day’s end, the investigation, which we believe is the most important, is only 1% of the total effort. “

ReRAM memory is based on memristors (short for “memory resistor”, or resistive memory) and should be the natural replacement of existing technologies in the memory market. But just as things are and taking into account the words of HP, the first products using this type of memory will still take a few years to arrive.

Link: HP, Hynix Not commercializing ReRAM Until 4Q13 (Tom’s Hardware)

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