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Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Hardware, Reviews |

HP Envy x2 At First Sight

HP Envy x2 At First Sight

Leveraging our visit to HP Editor’s Summit had a chance to try for a few minutes the new Envy laptop hybrid x2, one of the models the company introduced during IFA 2012. The Envy x2 has the feature to be used as tablet or notebook thanks to a detachable keyboard, both to take advantage of the benefits of Windows 8.

At first glance the team reminds the MacBook Air, both in size and weight and components. The x2 has aluminum body with rounded edges and LED display with Gorilla Glass first generation. At the rear side of the screen 8 megapixel camera as well as the power and volume buttons. The computer keyboard can be removed easily by means of a button to become tablet and get juice to the touchscreen.

HP Envy x2 At First Sight image 2

At first glance it feels fairly light-only weighs 680 grams, and maneuvered with ease. In the interaction found some problems running through the laminated gestures, same as the screen helps to be a magnet for fingerprints and reflect everything within reach. It should be emphasized that the equipment tested was a prototype and HP promised us a response time improved in the final version.

Speaking chiclet keyboard is adequate in size can write keys without making many mistakes. Similarly it is appreciated that the trackpad is aluminum, so we will not have problems in running gesture or move the pointer from one side to another. Already mounted keyboard weighs 1.4kg x2 Envy, which is ideal for not suffering shoulder.

HP Envy x2 At First Sight image 3

If I had to make a negative comment that would be against the operating system. Although the x2 has a version of Windows 8 that lets you use the Metro and desktop interface standard, the user experience in the latter is undermined if you forget to take the keyboard and you will require a stylus to execute some actions.

Lack see how it plays Windows 8 in its first months of release to decide if we bought a Envy x2. The equipment will be available in Mexico in early 2013 (by February) in a configuration that includes two 1.8GHz Atom processor, 2GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and Windows 8 32-bit. The suggested retail price in Mexico will be $14.999 GBP (approximately $1,100).

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